London Field School 2018 - Maryam, Larissa, and Lauren

Maryam, Larissa and Lauren: In This Place Where We All Belong
Song of the day: The Hockey Song by Stompin’ Tom Connors

We started off the day with a walking tour of Shoreditch. To get to Shoreditch, we boarded the Tube around 9:30 AM. This was our first time taking the Tube during the morning rush hour and we ended up having to split up and take two different trains. We regrouped at Liverpool station and after experiencing a little bit of confusion with Google Maps, we made our way to the Old Spitalfields Market. We met our tour guide, Emilie Houldsworth (you can follow her on Instagram) underneath the “Goat Statue” which we later learned symbolizes strength and independence of the British people. Emilie guided us through the streets of Shoreditch such as Brick Lane and explained the symbolism and inspiration for numerous art pieces by famous street artists such as Banksy, Stik, and Invader. She also touched on the history of Shoreditch and ho…

Michelle Santos: The End is Just the Beginning

As I sit here, at home, I look back at the experience of Studying Abroad and I cannot believe all the things I have learned about myself, my career, and about Disney. The experience of studying abroad was not even on my radar but thanks to one of my teachers, I became aware and ended up applying. Only 3 months later, I found out that I got into the program and at that moment I knew the rest of 2016 was going to be filled with a lot of firsts and an experience that was going to change my life forever. There were so many emotions going through me when I arrived in Florida, but I knew I had to have an open mind and an open heart to the people, the environment and the lifestyle I was about to enter.

It took some time but I finally found my grove working for Disney, taking courses through UCR and also my Disney course. I was blessed that I was able to make some very good friends while spending the first 2 weeks of the program in California. They became my family and before I met other peopl…

Arianne Liu: A Sky Full Of Stars, Studying Abroad In China

PRE DEPARTURE You probably know by now, that in my blogs I'll go into my usually jab about my challenges and how you should consider doing whatever it is I am preaching because if I didn't see value in the experience, then I wouldn't suggest it or do it myself. That's the motto! Why did I want to study abroad? If you can get academic credits and travel at the same time, then that's just gravy.

I almost applied in September 2012 (I couldn't get a second reference...), actually applied for the Spring 2016 semester in November of 2014 and again in August 2015. They rejected me both times because of my GPA and told me to reapply for 2017 meaning I would graduate a whole year late. I still pushed for 2016. I tried to sell them everything in the book about why I was the best candidate, references, my business, being marketing president, brought my grades up, went on as a full time student and seriously, none of it worked. I was so choked because I knew no other stud…

Kirstin Rinke: Living in Vienna

Michael Dekur: Final Thoughts

Jinan University, Main Campus 
Studying and living abroad in China was a completely different experience then I am used to. I have previously travelled throughout Europe, lived in SE Asia for a couple years and even been to China 4 times before. This time was different because it was the first time I wasn’t with people who spoke the local language. The average person in China doesn’t know a single word of English. All of a sudden I am being thrown into a city of 18 million not really knowing anyone and not being able to communicate with many of the locals.
Living in this situation really allows for yourself to grow as a person. It has challenged me to learn how to communicate with people using partial mandarin (I know just the basic single words) and non-verbal communication. On my first day in China, I went to restaurant by myself for lunch. I had to figure out how to order food from the menu. I must say I did a lot of finger pointing and I actually got what I ordered! Eventually doin…